Stuart is busy so its me blogging instead. To be fair I did most of it anyway – who knew! The 2019 season of MINI Challenge is just over a month away for the Coopers and the prep is going well, thanks to the amazing team at mad4mini motorsport. Mike and the Mechanics are fantastic and doing a great job on the build for the Cooper S car. From April onward we don’t see much of Stuart unless we head to a stretch of tarmac somewhere to see him. It’s OK though as he likes to post a #mclarenweatherreport each day so we know whether to grab the winter woolies or the summer gear.

Its Mother’s Day today and Stuart is back on the road but I wanted to say a massive thank you to our ever growing list of partners for this season. I truly appreciate you (as does the college fund for the kids). So not too many more sleeps until its lights out and it’s go go go. Thank you mad4mini, The Metal Store, Mintex, Direnza, VRRC and mclaren0to60.

Karen McLaren – Mum to three kids (one of them is in his forties and has a goatie)

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