2018: In My Rear View Mirror

I’m sure I won’t be the only one that does a retrospective of the year but I feel remiss if I don’t do a round up.

I’ll start by reflecting on my racing in MINI Challenge again. 2017 was amazing taking the class win in Cooper Am in my rookie season. 2018 saw the season start in Cooper Pro which was adrenaline filled. The round at Snetterton saw me knocked onto the grass in field. Not where I wanted to be but that’s racing. Whilst the car was being put back together I was offered a guest drive in the Cooper S class with mad4mini motorsport. With a podium in my inaugural weekend I was hooked staying in S until the end of the season.

I’ve got to thank mad4mini motorsport and the amazing marshals, medics and course officials who helped me following my dive into the ‘kitty litter’ at Paddock Hill Bend in the rain on slicks. My better half was out the country visiting family in Ireland and so when I was asked if I would race the next day I did what had to be done and crossed my fingers and said ‘of course not darling I’ll just be cheering from the pit lane’. What I actually meant was ‘I will remove the broken windscreen- take out the back window to avoid drag and head back out in the rain’ Good way to test a marriage me thinks!

So the end of another amazing year not so much silverware but I’ve had huge fun. It’s been great winding down for Christmas and spending time with the family. I was surprised on Christmas Day when my 10 year old gave me a present he had bought with his pocket money ……… Forza Horizon for Xbox.


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